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At McIntosh Contracting Roofing, we understand that economic times are tough. Don't sacrifice exceptional service just to save a few bucks!


We offer the quality work you deserve at prices you can afford. We can also help with siding, metal and shingled roofs.

As your roof gets older, it begins to deteriorate and loses its ability to protect the inside of your home or office from the elements. This deterioration exposes your property to many costly problems. Protect your property and your wallet when you work with McIntosh Contracting Roofing to install a new flat roof!

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 •  Fully licensed, bonded and insured

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Are you hoping to install a new flat roof?

Whether you're looking for someone to install an entirely new flat roof or are simply hoping to make some simple repairs, we can help! We offer rubber roofs (EPDM), Flint Lastic 2 ply self-adhering roofing systems and more!

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